Our Environmental Policy as RAVANDA CARPET TEKS. SAN VE TİC.LTD;

To unconditionally prefer environmentally friendly practices at every stage of interaction with the environment,
To fully fulfill the requirements of all legal requirements for the protection of the environment and the elimination of environmental pollution,
To set targets for ensuring energy efficiency and to realize improvements in this area,
To carry out necessary studies on renewable energy,
To fulfill the necessary legal procedures within the scope of the zero waste project and to carry out improvement works

Possible impacts and damages we cause to the environment as RAVANDA CARPET;
Air Pollution
The air emission chimneys of the machine in our facility are given out. Measurements are carried out by the accredited laboratory at certain periods.
The use of chemicals originating from the machine in our business causes the odour to increase.
Although there is no impact on the environment in our facility because all operations are generally carried out in closed buildings, indoor noise occurs due to the operation of machinery and equipment operating during production, but personal protective equipment and equipment are used to prevent this situation.

Water Use and Water Pollution
There is no process water use other than domestic purposes in our enterprise. This use is at a level that does not threaten aquatic life and does not cause a decrease in the quality of water use.

Solid Waste
Domestic wastes arising from the cafeteria within the facility.
By-products such as waste machine oil are hazardous solid wastes generated in our workshop. The generally preferred method for these hazardous solid wastes is to send them to recycling companies or disposal facilities.

RAVANDA CARPET textile in order to reduce these effects on the environment;

In accordance with the “Procedure for Monitoring Energy and Water Use”, the consumption of the enterprise is monitored and the energy targets in the “Environmental and Energy Targets List” are followed. It is aimed to provide training to employees on saving issues.
With the “Waste Management Procedure”, it is aimed to separate and collect wastes and to ensure proper recycling and disposal. Solid wastes arising as production waste are mostly recyclable. No liquid waste other than waste machine oil is generated in our enterprise.
With the “Chemical Purchasing and Use Procedure”, it prevents the use of any chemical substance prohibited by its customers and legislation in production, monitors the chemicals used and ensures that they are used in appropriate areas with appropriate personal protective equipment.



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