Ravanda Carpet is an indoor and outdoor carpet manufacturer offering the richest collection, pattern and color options available in the market.

By transferring the knowledge of weaving, which has been growing steadily since 1973, to production, Ravanda Carpet is a solution partner by responding to the demands of a global customer portfolio, which may vary regionally in terms of patterns, collections and colors, with exclusive indoor and outdoor carpet collections.

With the awareness that good carpets come from good yarn, we ensure the quality of the final product by producing the yarn we use in carpet production in-house, and at the same time, we help our customers to stand out in the competition in their own markets with shorter production times than the market average.At Ravanda Carpet, we also offer our customers the unique service of creating a custom color palette with a wide range of colors and thus producing each carpet in colors unique to their collection.

With three generations of expertise in weaving, our R&D is a continuous process and together with our limitless use of looms whose details and capacities we know in depth, it is the basis for us to offer unique collections. The loops, each step of which is pre-planned, then create a unique texture that ultimately becomes a rug that defines a new art form and the pinnacle for the flatweave industry, which is performed on the loom using Polypropylene.


To spread our sales network all over the world, to redefine carpet preferences and purchasing habits


To provide our customers with a smooth buying experience and products that guarantee high sales charts.