About Us

History Ravanda Carpet is the company which has been in the industry of textile and weaving for about 60 years and 3 generations, was created in 1943 by Haji Mustafa UZANIR, Gaziantep/TURKEY. Starting with a handmade rug machine, had modernized with taking over to Mr. Ramazan UZANIR who is the oldest son of H. Mustafa UZANIR. Mr. Ramazan UZANIR, his brothers Mr. Mehmet Ali UZANIR and Mustafa UZANIR had created a private company; “Şirvan Halı” supported by their father H. Mustafa UZANIR İN 1973. On that way, the company has been improved the production system from simple rug to the carpet producing on the weaving industry. The younger generations has joined the company in around 2000; besides that Ravanda Carpet Textile Company has been established in 2003. Halit UZANIR and Fetullah UZANIR, who are currently agents, have raised the bar in the market and for a 60 years’ experience and technologic opportunities of 21st Centuries was combined by them. Thanks to that the company succeeds to be leading of producing flat weaving and carpet.
The Vision Ravanda Carpet, specialized on producing Flat weaving and Carpet; belongs a big part of the export market of flooring which reaches from Turkey to all around the World with the production capacity over 100.000 meter square for flat weaving and over 50.000 meter square P.P. & Acrylic
The Mission Especially, Ravanda Carpet works on norms of EU and USA as well as customer-oriented, perfection and maximum satisfaction is adopted as a point of the mission.